House Tyrell in the Game of Thrones
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House Tyrell is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. It rules over the Reach, a vast, fertile and heavily-populated region of south-western Westeros, from the castle at Highgarden. It is currently led by Lord Mace Tyrell. His third son Loras is a noted tournament knight and the lover of Lord Renly Baratheon.

The Tyrell sigil is a golden rose on a green field. Their motto is, “Growing Strong”.


  • Lady Olenna Tyrell, known as the Queen of Thorns, Mace Tyrell’s mother.
    • Lady Mina, Mace’s older sister, now married into House Redwyne.
      • Lady Mina’s children, Horas, Hobber and Desmera Redwyne.
    • Lord Mace Tyrell, the head of the family.
      • His wife, Lady Alerie of House Hightower.
        • His eldest son and thus heir, Ser Willas Tyrell.
        • His son, Ser Garlan Tyrell, called Garlan the Gallant, noted for his valor and his skill with a sword.
        • His son, Ser Loras Tyrell, called the Knight of Flowers, noted for his youth, valor and his skill with a lance.
        • His daughter, Margaery Tyrell, young and beautiful, as yet unwed.
    • Lady Janna, Mace’s younger sister, married into House Fossoway.

Sworn to House Tyrell

  • House Hightower of Oldtown.
  • House Redwyne of the Arbor.
  • House Rowan of Goldengrove.
  • House Tarly of Horn 

In The Books

In the Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Tyrell is a powerful noble house. The Reach is the most populous region of the Seven Kingdoms and the Tyrells can field the largest army on the continent, although the Lannisters, being richer, can better-equip their troops. This makes the Tyrells formidable enemies but excellent allies.

Before King Aegon I Targaryen’s invasion, the Tyrells were stewards to House Gardner, the Kings of the Reach. The Tyrells had responsibility for maintaining the castle of Highgarden, the seat of royal power in the Reach. In the battle known as the Field of Fire, King Mern IX Gardner and all of his issue were slaughtered by Aegon’s dragons. Harlen Tyrell, King Mern’s steward, surrendered Hightower to King Aegon and was rewarded with the title Lord of the Reach. House Florent of Brightwater Keep, which claims a superior blood-relationship to the Gardners and the first King of the Reach, Garth Greenhand, has long disputed the suitability of the Tyrells to the title.


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